Telemedicine – A Path breaking Innovation in Medicine

While online shopping has become as common as going down to the shops, did you ever imagine that you could do the same one day with your physical well being and health? Once a thing of sci-fi movies, it is now a reality and all signs state that telemedicine is here to stay.

So how does it actually work? Take a patient who reports to emergency afterhours with a non-critical issue as there are no doctors open. Instead of taking up urgent and critical care space they can be moved to a side consultation room and linked via video to a doctor who is located somewhere else. The doctor can then go through any issues and will be able to provide a quicker and more efficient solution which is less expensive than a day in the Emergency Room.

Through a video link-up, a doctor can examine rashes, diagnostic problems and refer patients for more invasive tests like bloods, labs or imaging.

As a giant leap for mankind, telemedicine has slowly invaded the inner portals of your home too. You can now request a consultation via a video-link with a specialist who will diagnose your condition and offer you a treatment, all without leaving your own home. In serious cases, patients will be asked to report to emergency departments for a more in-depth evaluation and treatment.

However, many doctors feel that while treatment over video-link is possible to a certain extent and it certainly opens more avenues for psychiatrists who can counsel over Skype, there is truly no substitute for the human touch on a patient.

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