What you know about arborists – doctors of tree

An arborist is a person who is professionally qualified and has the necessary expertise in management and study of trees, plants and shrubs. Arborists focus on health and safety of individual trees and plants as distinct from the activities of a forester who takes care of large tracts of forest land as well as harvesting of wood.

Even though an arborist’s role is limited to tree care, it has wide ramifications. A well planned out estate and garden apart from being aesthetically pleasing to the eye also adds to the curb value of the property. Decaying or diseased trees can ruin a garden and need to be identified and removed. An arborist is eminently qualified to identify such trees and decide whether whole trees have to be taken down or pruning and trimming of the affected parts can bring them back to health. This is why arborists are often called tree doctors.

An arborist is trained to deliver a whole range of tree care services.

Tree and Stump Removal – This is one of the primary activities of an arborist. Tree removal requires a great deal of expertise as well as specialised machinery to carry out this task quickly and effectively. An arborist will ensure that the branches and limbs do not fall over surrounding property and damage it. This is especially true for large trees with widely spread out branches that go over on to neighbour’s grounds.

Removing the stump after a tree has been cut down is not easy too but a dedicated arborist will never leave the stump to rot away. He will have powerful machines that will grind the stump to mulch in no time, irrespective of how big the stump is or how deeply the roots run.

Tree trimming and Pruning – This requires a great deal of knowledge of trees as over trimming and pruning will weaken the tree since the food producing areas will be greatly reduced. Further, for diseased trees it is necessary to precisely identify the affected parts and trim them away so that they regain health, one reason why arborists are often called tree surgeons. Proper pruning is also crucial in maintenance of fruit trees. An arborist will know when to trim such trees and the extent of pruning required to maximise yields.

Hazardous Tree management – Unregulated growth of trees can in specific circumstances, be dangerous for life and property. A tree growing up to touch utility wires above often leads to a short circuit and a major blaze. Trees that have branches spreading out on to roads can impair the vision of motorists, resulting in accidents. In all such cases, an arborist will evaluate what needs to be done and take remedial measures, thereby eliminating the possibility of any mishap.

Strengthening Trees and restoring health – Trees often become structurally weak due to unforeseen circumstances. Take the example of a tree badly burnt after a lightning strike. Whole sections are often sheared off. Outwardly, it may seem that the tree should be removed. But call in an arborist and the tree might just be saved. Sections that have been burnt off will be trimmed away and the tree will be propped up with steel bracing and cables till it regains its strength. This is also true for old and diseased trees. To an arborist, a tree doctor, removal is the last resort.

Certified arborists need to be qualified and experienced in one or more branches of arboriculture. These include diagnosis and treatment, climbing and pruning, cabling and even consultation and preparing arborist’s reports. Moreover, they are trained to handle a wide range of sophisticated tree care equipment.

Not for nothing are arborists called tree doctors and surgeons!

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